#VOTE2020 – Election Day 2020 (3D:Stereo)


With the elections being right behind the corner we, could not leave that theme untouched and we simply had to somewhat refer to it with one of our latest VR porn movies – and so we did by releasing our brand new threesome VR porn scene called the Election Day 2020. On behalf of this fresh virtual reality porn experience, you will be positioned right in the middle of the conflict between the “reds” and “blues” – and just like in the real-life you will have to choose your side. Say what?! We are kidding! We live by the rule “make porn, not war” and we do not want our members to be forced to choose anything – and thus we invited Kenzie Madison and Judy Jolie to represent both sides on behalf of this virtual reality porn experience in a rather… peaceful way. You see, when you will start watching this office VR porn video, at first you might feel like indeed you are in the middle of some kind of conflict – yet only minutes later our two slutty girls will prove you wrong and show you that you do not have to choose anything here while choking on your cock simultaneously and enjoying your little threeway in this amazing virtual reality porn experience. On top of all that, you will be able to fulfill your civic duty and commemorate the elections in VR’ style – while cumming on both filthy faces of our slutty representatives in front of our virtual reality porn camera in this cumshot VR porn movie. Oh, and when you will be finished with our girls do not forget to vote in real life – and as soon as you will be finished get back to our horny girls for the round two of your hardcore fucking for the glory of your country!

Date: November 4, 2020

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